Korean hare
Species Lepus sinensis coreanus
Region korea, japan 
Size Body 45¡­49cm, tail length 6¡­7cm 

The color of the body is brown and has independent red brown spots and this pattern is clearer at the back of the body. The lighter brown patterns lay scattered or they are jointed. The head is flat and skin is smooth. There is shallow bake furrow from the back of the neck jointing through waste. The male¡¯s back leg is large compared to female. The southern are they lay eggs between mid March ~ the end of Apr. and In center The lay eggs in the Early Apr- End of the May. There is about 100eggs in one pair of egg pocket. When young the external gills are developed but after the metamorphosed they breathe with lung. They feed on worms and insects. It is an endemic species of Korea.